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What We Do

The Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) at the University of North Texas exists to prevent discrimination on the basis of disability and to help students reach a higher level of independence.

Our caring and professional staff helps students learn more about their disabilities, develop techniques to facilitate individual learning styles, learn how to talk to faculty and staff about your needs and develop strategies to achieve goals


Announcing ODA JOBS!
Students with disabilities are more than 40% less likely to have secured employment a year after graduation than their peers without disabilities. The ODA has recently been closely aligned with the UNT Career Center and together we have launched several initiatives to help you beat these statistics! For all the details visit: ODA JOBS Blog.


A Note to UNT Faculty and Online Content Creators, Please Help Make the Digital World at UNT Accessible to All

Technology has enabled students with disabilities to access the educational environment like never before....that is, only if the digital resources are created in an accessible manner. Please watch this short video that describes how to make your digital course content compliant with the law but even more importantly, fully usable by students. http://youtu.be/Gidp1bWIugk


Our Services Include: Disabilities Accommodated (2015 Fall):

Reduced Distraction Testing Rooms

Assistive technology

Adaptive furniture

Alternative text conversion

Sign Language Interpreters

Disability related counseling and advising

Psychiatric Disability   288
Learning Disability 196
Other Health  153
Visual  57
Deaf/Hard of Hearing 42
Mobility  41
Cognitive/TBI 34
You are not alone!  



ODA Blog

Classroom where students are learning about DAPI, the honor society for students
NEW! Campus groups that enhance awareness of disabilities and/or provide support to students:   Speak Out UNT! https://speakout.unt.edu/ is the university‚Äôs mental health awareness campaign aimed at getting the UNT community involved in...
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Students talks with employer at job fair
Our plan to help students overcome the obstacles to successful employment after graduation involves close coordination with the UNT Career Center, State and Local Government, Employers and of course, you the student. First, we are focusing on the...